CLUB INDONESIA is a membership club

CLUB INDONESIA is a membership club which helps introduction and comfortable stay for all the charm of Indonesia, such as nature of Indonesia, culture, art, a activity, and a life, to all the people who visit Indonesia.

From a famous tourist draw to local information, it is continuing sending with a sightseeing guide without the place which leaves the charm of Indonesia which is not known which is not known.

It unites and provides the profitable service of use at a warm treatment charge etc. for you, members, specially in a CLUB INDONESIA tie-up company and a member’s store.

Business Philosophy

1. CLUB INDONESIA aim to build local network in Southeast Asia and we develop Indonesia as plat former. We provide to create the time and space to the members.

2. CLUB INDONESIA contributes to economical and cultural development of Indonesia by mediating various needs, such as BtoB, BtoC, and CtoC, on all scenes, such as sightseeing in Indonesia, culture, and a life.

I want you to touch the true figure of Indonesia and to pass in the space which had comfortable time cured.
It is a wish of us CLUB INDONESIA.

Privacy Policy